Artificial lift PCM

PCM Vulcain™ all-metal PCP benefits in SAGD compared to ESP

PCM Vulcain al-metal PCP ESP


  • SAGD method was selected  by an international operator to enhance oil recovery of this Canadian field
  • 4 PCM All Metal PCPs dedicated to high temperature  and 4 High-Temp ESPs were evaluated.


PCM Vulcain™ is a patented All Metal artificial lift progressing cavity pump (PCP) capable  of pumping extremely hot fluids (350°C/660°F). It has been widely used in various steam assisted recovery processes (SAGD, CSS, Steam Flood), providing all intrinsic PCP benefits (steady & efficient production, flexibility, lower life cycle cost) at high temperature.


  • Increase oil recovery and reduce the Steam Oil Ratio (SOR) from 8.4 to 3.9
  • More than 1 year run life
  • PCM Vulcain ability to pump from  70 to 250 m3/d, and from 125 to 260°C at high efficiency proven with the same pump.


  • Performance  comparison between All Metal PCP (AMPCP) vs. ESP
  • Well conditions:
  • 75 000Cpo at 16°C


  • Client: Int’l Major
  • Location :  COLD LAKE ALBERTA
  • SAGD (Steam assisted Oil Gravity)