Artificial lift PCM

PCM Moineau™ HR PCP technology improves run life in multiphase conditions

Customer references - PCM Moineau™ HR in multiphase conditionsHow to improve PCP run life in multiphase conditions


Deployment of PCM Moineau™ HR PCP Technology in a gassy, heavy to extra heavy oil field with recurrent Artificial Lift System failures. Six wells with conventional PCPs, Sucker Rod Pumps and declining natural flow were converted  to PCM Moineau™ HR.

Today, thanks to the successful test of the PCM Moineau™ HR, it is widely used by the operator as an alternative for wells with high GVF (Gas Void Fraction) at the pump.


HRPCP technology (HR for Hydraulic Regulator) modifies the traditional PCP design by adding hydraulic regulators along the pump, embedded in the rotor design. HR provides better pressure distribution inside the pump and enables internal recirculation between cavities. Pressure and temperature are balanced along the pump, allowing optimum performance and a significantly longer run life. This makes PCM Moineau HR technology a highly versatile choice for variable and changing multiphase pumping conditions.


  • As simple as a standard PCP
  • Longer Run Life & Low MTBF
  • Significant Workover Savings
  • Reduction In Life Cycle Cost
  • Integrated Multiphase Solution
  • Tripled run life


  • GVF up to 80%
  • Clogged Gas Separators
  • Gas Locked SRP’s
  • High Workover Rate (3 +/Year)
  • High Production Downtime


Client: O&G major
Location: South America
Well: Vertical & Horizontal