Performances – PCM softwares and trainings

Available on a call-off or contract basis, PCM services go beyond field assistance to cover the whole scope of a project, from design and logistics to performance optimization and knowledge transfer. Thus, PCM provides to its customers in-house software and training sessions to better understand the use of our products and their operation. 

Customers’ training in the PCM learning center

PCM softwares

PCM provides high standards innovative PCP solutions for artificial lift with unique in-house software.

PCM Design

Using our proprietary software for PCP system design and optimization, our experts find the best pump for your application. PCM Design is the only software that covers the exclusive PCM Vulcain™ (all metal PCP) and PCM Moineau™ HR (multiphase) technologies, in addition to standard elastomer pumps. PCM Design includes functionalities for deviated wells, hollow and continuous rods as well as advanced calculation models (IPR composite).

PCM Field Track

Using our PCM Field Track software, PCM offers you an efficient and simple way to track operations, monitor wells and calculate KPIs (MTTF, run life, failure rate). PCM field service team use PCM Field Track to deliver high quality reports on field activities.

Purchase order tracking

To help you optimize your logistics, we provide regular reporting on outstanding orders. The reports include detailed logistical information about the order status, from manufacturing through to delivery at the agreed location.

PCM trainings

Intensive training sessions adapted to your specific needs are available for your engineers, technicians and operational staff.

Our training session provides a comprehensive understanding of the operating principles of the PCP as well as hands-on learning of the installation, operation and troubleshooting of PCM pumps.

PCM Learning Center

The PCM Learning Center in France hosts training sessions that cover the Moineau principle, manufacturing processes, pump design and selection, surface equipment and drive power, and repair workshop management. During their time in the birthplace of PCP technology, you can rest assured that your employees will be in trained by the best and well cared for.

On site training

PCM provides on-site training of your field teams for PCM downhole and surface equipment installation, troubleshooting, inspection and maintenance procedures. Sessions are held in the classroom and in the field.

Customers’ training on PCM manufacturing site