PCP workshop field deployment

In just 3 months and anywhere in the world, PCM can set up on your behalf modular facilities dedicated to your PCP operations and adapted to your needs. Workshop are available with the following modules.

PCP test bench

PCP Test Bench

Our workshops are equipped with a test bench to reduce the time it takes to evaluate hydraulic performance of new and current pumps. Test benches designed and built to PCM standards, and can be used to test all PCM PCP models up to 300rpm and 260bars.

Failure Analysis Tools

Before performing test bench evaluation, we examine pumps using a high-resolution boroscope. We then use a step-by-step, in-depth investigative methodology to provide a comprehensive report on root causes of failure. The findings enable us to recommend corrective actions to prolong the life of the other pumps in the field, including preventive maintenance and upgrades.


The laboratory is equipped to perform oil compatibility tests to ensure the pump elastomer is adapted to your well. We conduct a 20-day swell test to ensure that the selected elastomer corresponds to the viscosity, abrasion and other characteristics of the oil that will be pumped. Measuring instruments are used to verify pump internal dimensions and elastomer hardness.

PCP inventory and spare parts management

The availability and condition of spare parts impacts a pump’s production uptime, especially on remote sites and in regions with multiple fields. PCM workshops are available with a supply depot or safety stock service in which PCM is responsible for your inventory management and costs as well as warehouse restrictions. We can also advise your warehouse managers on the best way to anticipate your needs, store and manage spare parts on-site. The benefits include reduced inventory and shipping costs, optimized stock levels and smooth operations.