Field testing, installation and commissioning

PCM has extensive field experience and knowledge covering a broad range of field activities.

Well Testing Services

Well testing with a PCM Progressive Cavity Pump enables fast clean up of low-pressure, sandy heavy oil wells. It saves rig time and avoids the use of nitrogen and swabbing during clean up. In addition, it is possible to test wells under natural flow conditions and obtain valuable reservoir data.

Well testing services

Pump Installation & Commissioning

PCM progressing cavity pumps are one of the world’s simplest and most efficient artificial lift systems, as long as they are installed and commissioned properly. Through pre-operational checks and close monitoring of all equipment, PCM field technicians implement stable and secure production.

Periodic and Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance services for PCM pumps are provided by our highly trained personnel. This ensures that pumps and surface equipment are maintained at optimal operating levels. Our careful monitoring and expertise helps to minimize production downtime and increase the global run life of the system.


PCM uses a logical, systematic analysis method to diagnose the root causes of problems. The PCM troubleshooting method is a step-by-step process that identifies malfunction(s) and symptom(s) within the system (equipment, operating conditions, reservoir or fluid characteristics). Our experts combine the results with their field experience to determine the right solution to restore the system and reduce downtime.