Artificial Lift project management – PCM Services

Available on a call-off or contract basis, PCM services go beyond field assistance to cover the whole scope of a project, from design and logistics to performance optimization and knowledge transfer. They include engineering studies, technical documentation, factory tests while benefiting from an efficient supply chain. 

PCM Project management

Project management

An optimum project management through:

  • A well-structured project management organization and unique contact for customers
  • Project management tools
  • Regular status reports
  • A mutlidisciplinary team

Customized engineering projects

PCM benefits from a technical expertise linked to a real open mindedness that enables us to provide you the best answers to resolve your problems.

A dedicated team responds to customers’ requests and examines each project with attention.

All technical expertises of the Group are made available to each customer project :

  • Latest design software
  • 3D modeling and simulations
  • Finite Element Analysis (stress, torsion ...)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

The use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) nowadays is a very powerful and robust tool to model fluids related phenomena.
Numerical simulations are carried out in the R&D department of PCM which allow computing the flow field through the volumetric pumps produced by PCM for many applications including Oil&Gas, Food and Industry.  The prediction of the hydraulic behavior of the pump at the preliminary stage of the design, as well as in the validation process of the final product is one of the main goals of these calculations..

  • Vibration analysis

A complete and detailed technical documentation

For each project, our teams write all technical documentation according to our customers’ specifications.  

Factory tests

PCM tests systematically all products before delivering them through industrial equipments.

A worldwide operational excellence

The industrial strategy of the Group is based on a quality management system and a vertical integration.

PCM is committed to provide quality services respectful of customers’ deadlines through a lean management approach and a flexible production.

Fast and reliable delivery times are a top priority for our customers. By focusing on quality management and flexible production, PCM strives to provide the best delivery times, through our service centers based in Europe, Asia, North America and Middle East.