PCM Oil and Gas

Variable speed well pump controller - PCM IPAC

PCM IPAC, the Intelligent PCP controller

Developed by PCP specialists, PCM IPAC has the most friendly user PCP oriented interface you can find on the market to control and improve equipment performance and production.

The PCM IPAC is available in two configurations including VSD with embedded or stand-alone Intelligent PCP controller. Whether you opt for the full PCM IPAC or choose the mini version of PCM IPAC with pilot VSD already installed on field, the main functions of our controller are to optimize the well production, monitor PCP operating data and communicate data to and from external systems.

PCM IPAC benefits

Running mode

  • Speed control: Target RPM
  • Fluid level control: Target PIP / required dowhole gauge
  • Progressive start: Automatic step-up speed
  • Torque control: Protect your rod string
  • Auto restart: Automatic Start up after power shutdown

Dedicated PCP software

  • Key PCP parameters /PCP downhole & surface completion
  • Speed modification with Acceleration/ Deceleration ramp

Settable alarms with “warning” & “stop” mode

  • VSD parameters and Analogic or Digit Input
  • Over torque, flow rate, motor PTC, downhole P/T gauges ...

Internal Storage Data

  • Last 6 months / Last 6 hours/ PCP completion / Log and alarms
  • Easy extraction by USB port

Several communication options

  • Access at distance through WIFI or GSM

PCM IPAC performances

Power range

  • VSD 11-90 KW (15 to 120HP)
  • Power factor >=0,9
  • Efficiency 98%  6 Pulse PWM

Power supply

  • 380-480 / 525-690VAC
  • 50/60 Hz (+-5%)


  • Standard : 40% of THiD
  • Optional : 10% or 5% THiD


  • IP55 or NEMA 3R


  • -10°C  to +50°C  (+14  to +120°F)
  • Option for -40°C (-40°F)
  • 95%  humidity


  • 10,1” touchscreen 1024 x 600
  • 6 months internal memory


  • 1x Ethernet TCP/IP   (SCADA)
  • 1x serial port RS485 (HMI/VSD)
  • 1x USB port (extract data)
  • WIFI and GSM modules
  • 8x I. Analog ; 8 x I. Digital ; 7x O. Digital