PCM Oil and Gas

PCP downhole gauges

C-series gauges provide real time downhole monitoring with reliable and durable information. Designed specifically to monitor and protect most common PCP troubles such as pump off, over temperature, deadheading, C-series help maintain production and avoid undesirable downtime.

Single gauge will record PCP intake well data pressure / temperature (and vibration), Dual gauge will add data from PCP discharge. Gauge is connected to the tubing string through carrier or clamp. The information is transmitted to the surface through a Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) which is clamped all the way up to the surface to the tubing string. Surface panel will convert the Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) signal into values that could be stored and connected to VSD, SCADA system & laptop.

  • PCP downhole gauges

PCP downhole gauges benefits

  • Improve MTBF and reduce work over
  • Automatic alarms and safe trips.
  • Prevent dry running of your PCP’s
  • PID regulation of your VSD to maintain a constant dynamic level
  • Real-time view of your well and PCP conditions
  • History in case of PCP’s failure