Rod string

PCM supplies a complete range of products suitable for your rod string completion.

  • Oil and Gas centralizers
  • Rod string for artificial lift
  • Conventional sucker rod for artificial lift
  • Non rotative centralizers for artificial lift


PCM provides conventional sucker rods, hollow sucker rods, and continuous rods for various applications. Selecting suitable rods can be critical to managing tubing wear, torsional strength and well geometry, which may have very high Dog-Leg Severity (DLS). PCM also provides rods for high temperature application requirements.

Non-rotating centralizers

A rod-driven PCP artificial lift system (ALS) installed in deviated or horizontal wells must be designed to take into account the interaction between the rod string and tubing that could cause torsional rod loading resulting from friction between the rod string and tubing string. High-contact loads can generate premature tubing failures and rod string fatigue. We recommend using a PCM Non-Rotating Centralizer at high-contact load locations in your well to prevent premature tubing wear.

PCM has defined design guidelines that take into account the parameters for deviated/horizontal wells, using our proprietary PCM Design software. It automatically calculates contact loads and indicates the exact location where centralizers should be placed. PCM can also provide Non-Rotating Centralizers for high temperature applications.