PCM Driver™ B-50 drivehead

Safe and reliable 50HP PCP surface drivehead solutions.

The conception and the qualification of the PCM Driver™ B-50 driveheads comply with ISO 15136-2-Surface Drive System requirements. From conception and design to final tests and production, PCM has full control of product. 

Benefits of PCM Driver™ B-50

Maximum of safety

  • Fully compliant with Directive Machinery 2006/42/CE requirements
  • All rotating parts are protected by cover or fence
  • Secure key to open belt guard cover and sealing door

Smart maintenance

  • Low maintenance requirements to ensure less downtime and lower OPEX
  • Easy access to basic maintenance
  • Common spare partsfor PCM Driver™ B-50 & B-100 (lube oil/filter/sight glass/OD shaft)

Advanced product

  • Highly powerful BREMBO™ disk brake system with internal hydraulic circuit
  • Innovative belts guards made of light glass fiber-reinforced composite sheet
  • Sliding motor base plate

First class service

  • PCM Service team available worldwide
  • Dedicated PCP Support team for our PCM Driver™
  • PCM Driver™ are provided with transport/installation stand

Performances of PCM Driver™ B-50

  • Max motor HP : 50 HP (37 Kw) 6 poles
  • Motor plate:
    • IEC feet mounted: 160L to 250S/M
    • NEMA feet mounted: 254T to 364T
    • FC flange mounted FC184 to FC355
  • Max torque: 1062 lb.ft (or 1440 N.m)
  • Max load: 20 900 lbs (9.5 T) at ISO L10 at 25 000 hrs 500 rpm / full charge
  • PR diameter: 1-1/4'' (31.75 mm) or 1 1/2'' (38.10 mm)