Oil and gas processing pumps - PCM Moineau™ HR

Breaking the natural limits of conventional PCP.

The PCM exclusive and patented hydraulically regulated PCP, PCM Moineau™HR pushes the limits of the conventional progressing cavity pumps to handle the highest gas void fraction. This enables you to bring gassy wells that can't be produced using conventional ALS, back on stream.

The hydraulic regulators incorporated in the rotor design make PCM Moineau™HR PCP (HRPCP) a highly versatile choice for variable and changing pumping conditions.

  • PCM Moineau™ HR progressing cavity pump

HRPCP Technology

When using a conventional PCP for multiphase flow, pressure build-up occurs on the discharge side of the pump that can shorten run life. With a PCM Moineau™ HR pump, pressure is balanced. Liquid and gas pressure increase is more uniformly distributed along the stator. This reduces strain and stress and contributes to better reliability and longer run life.

HRPCP technology (HR for Hydraulic Regulator) modifies the traditional PCP design by adding hydraulic regulators along the pump, embedded in the rotor design. This patented technology is built on PCM’s expertise in dimensioning and positioning the regulators along the pump, to ensure both pump efficiency and self-regulation of pump internal pressure.

HR provides better pressure distribution inside the pump and enables internal recirculation between cavities. Pressure and temperature are therefore balanced along the pump, allowing optimum performance and a significantly longer run life.

Operations in multiphase conditions with high gas content is challenging, and conventional PCPs reach their limits. Gas compression located at the pump outlet generates heat, elastomer deformation and premature failure.

PCM Moineau™ HR technology improves conventional PCP performance by providing:

  • Uniform pressure distribution
  • Lower temperature
  • Less stator strain
  • Lower friction torque


Compatible with existing PCP systems

PCM Moineau™ HR pumps are flexible and simple to adapt to existing PCP systems. PCM Moineau™ HR rotors are fully compatible with conventional PCP stators. As a result, you can upgrade an existing PCM pump as reservoir conditions evolve by simply replacing the conventional rotor with a PCM Moineau™ HR rotor.

Extend Oilfield capacities

PCM Moineau™ HR pumps can increase your oil and gas production by operating at lower submergence with more free gas. They also enable additional recoveries thanks to a lower ultimate abandonment pressure.

Reduce Life Cycle Cost

As for any progressing cavity pumps, PCM Moineau™ HR pumps have a lower CAPEX than rod or electrical submersible pumps. They also offer a higher life span, which means fewer workovers, less production losses and fewer spare parts.

Range of progressing cavity pumps PCM MoineauTM HR

37 models are available.
Choice of 5 dedicated elastomers
Range of Flow rate     5 to 700 m3/d (30 to 4500 bfpd)
Range of Pressure    Up to 260 bar (3800 psi)