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Oil well production

PCM offers cost-effective artificial lift pumps and systems, which have been developed using our unique PCP technology. We also offer integrated services for any artificial lift challenges you might face in upstream oil and gas production.

PCM’s artificial lift pumps and systems are available for a wide range of operating challenges and processes for both onshore and offshore use. Simple to operate, our oil pumping systems are designed to maximise performance in your specific application, from exploration to CBM dewatering. Find out more about our oil and gas solutions by clicking on the links below.

There are many reasons to select progressive cavity pump (PCP) technology for your artificial lift applications. One major benefit is how simple our oil pumping systems are to operate. It’s easy to control production, as PCP volumetric technology allows for easy adjustment according to rotation speed. This also ensures that our pumps offer steady production, even at low submergence.

Our PCP pumps also offer lower Life Cycle costs than conventional artificial lift technologies such as ESP or SRP, as well as the following advantages: 

Pumps with elastomer stators can perform at temperatures of up to 150 °C, and the PCM Vulcain™ extends that limit up to an extraordinary 350 °C. The design makes them ideal for pumping viscous and abrasive fluids, meaning they’re perfect for use in Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sands (CHOPS). Thanks to a very low fluid shear rate, PCPs prevent emulsion that can cause high-pressure losses in the production flow and require chemical treatment for breakdown. Patented anti-lock and electric braking systems protect your site personnel, and all moving parts are caged and protected from direct access. Simple and regular preventive maintenance on surface components drastically reduces the downtime needed. With our artificial lift pumps, flow rates of up to 6000 bbld can be achieved. Our equipment is easy to install, maintain and operate because the PCP is a volumetric pump which delivers smooth operation with a non-pulsating flow. PCM’s equipment requires a low initial investment cost as well as low operational costs once up and running. Of all artificial lift pumps, PCPs have the best overall efficiency (up to 85%). It’s also possible to save between 10-50% of the total energy consumption, in addition to a reduced surface footprint.

PCP pumps

When you work with PCM, you’re working with the world’s leading Progressing Cavity Pump specialists.

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PCM Artificial Lift driveheads range offers high quality and reliability, and meet all safety and environmental standards.


Well surveillance

By understanding your well behavior, you can increase production. PCM offers solutions for data monitoring, data display and analysis, well automation and control.