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DL series high pressure peristaltic pump

The DL Series includes a reinforced hose, designed for use with medium pressure applications and the most abrasive, fragile and corrosive fluids.

Furthermore, this pump is ATEX certified, so you can rest assured that it meets the latest safety standards.

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  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump – DL Series
  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump on customer site –DL18 Series
  • Delasco™ peristaltic pump on customer site –DL35 Series

Benefits of the DL peristaltic pump

  • Extended hose life, thanks to the hose guide design
  • Availability of various hose materials
  • Low costs, as the hose is the only wearing part of this pump
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Self-priming: no special equipment and automatic upon start up
  • Reversible
  • Specially designed oil filling port to minimise splashes
  • Leak-tight, oil-filled housing to permanently lubricate the hose
  • Oil-level with a magnifying effect, designed to make oil-level checking easier

Performances of the DL peristaltic pump

  • Minimum flow rate: 44 l/h 
  • Maximum flow rate: 20m3/h
  • Maximum pressure: 15 bar
  • Maximum temperature (in continuous operation): 110°c
  • Self-priming: 9mCE
  • Density higher than 2
  • Maximum viscosity: 40 000 cP

Markets related to the DL food peristaltic pump