PCM Food

Viscofeeder™ transfer pump

Force-feed system, using food grade pumps, offers accurate transfer and dosing of highly viscous products with optimum steady flow and high accuracy for any number of production lines.

The PCM Viscofeeder™ is a station designed to transfer and dose hyper-viscous products. Made of 3 distinct components (preloading vessel / feeding gun / transfer pump), the Viscofeeder™ makes possible the transfer of products very difficult to pump without any damage on the structure of these products. Thanks to PCM Viscofeeder™, the customer is able to meet strict hygiene requirements and bring a product to market that puts it one step ahead of the competition.

  • PCM Viscofeeder™ transfer and dosing system
  • PCM Viscofeeder™ transfer and dosing system on site for very viscous fluids pumping



  • Highly viscous/sticky products up to 15.000.000 cP

Accurate batch or continuous dosing

  • From 10 ml to several kilos
  • Hyper viscous and/or sticky products


  • Continuous production with batch loading of product and temperature controlled operation

Quality and hygiene

  • Airtight, minimum shearing and Cleaning In Place
  • Strict hygiene standards

Great flexibility

  • High precision (<2%) regardless of the number of production lines, the flow, and the product


  • Maximum flow rate: 24m3/h
  • Maximum pressure: 16 bar
  • Hopper: Cleaning in Place

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