Food&Industry Sales Team Manager - EN - PCM01861

Job number: PCM01861
Job title: Food&Industry Sales Team Manager
Country: Russia
Legal entity: PCM Rus LLC
City: Saint Petersburg
Contract Type: Permanent Contract

Detail of the offer

PCM Description
PCM was founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of the Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP). PCM Group is today a world leading supplier of solutions and fluid handling equipment for the Oil & Gas, Food and Industry. Our specialty is developing pumping solutions for the transfer and dosing of abrasive, fragile, viscous, corrosive, hot and heavy products.

An operational excellence serving our customers

Present around the world, PCM provides a wide range of products including transfer, dosing, mixing and filling systems, progressing cavity pumps, peristaltic pumps for the Food and Industry markets as well as artificial lift and surface transfer pumps for the Oil & Gas sector.

PCM services include engineering, commissioning, maintenance, co-development, consulting, training, spare parts, repairing and upgrading.

Main activities
ACTIVITY 1 - Sales (activity shared by all the positions)
Develop direct sales (OEM, Key accounts, Users, Engineering…)
Actively visit customers in the region and update CRM datas
Maintain and improve high level of service to the customer (prompt and proficient answers)
Understand, implement, and manage marketing and sales develpment plans in the region
Prospect new customers and new markets
Actively contribute to Service and spare parts sales
Follow-up offers in the region for all activities of PCM
Monitor and supervise all contracts and operations in the region for all the activities of PCM
Prepare and participate in promotional activities (exhibition, Lunch&learns, seminars…)
Regularly follow-up receivables/pending payments and chase potential overdue.
Analyse and report risks associated to a project (technical, commercial, finance, legals…)
Select, configure the relevant equipement
Prepare, review and submit technical offers for pumps and basic systems
Review Sales contract and place orders in the CRM

ACTIVITY 2 - Budget / IBP (activity shared by all the positions)
Forecast annual, quaterly and montlhy turnover for the region
Forecast monthy sales in quantity by serie for the region to fuel IBP
Collaborate in establishing sales budget for the region

ACTIVITY 3 - Market / Competition intelligence (activity shared by all the positions)
Report market trends to Marketing
Report competition prices, features and strategy to management and Marketing
Report any information related to an other region to the approprite Sales contact

ACTIVITY 4 - High level Sales
Meet high-level representatives of key accounts in the country and lobby governmental & associations to ease operations
Prepare, review and submit technical offers for systems / Engineering and complex jobs
Review and negociate General Terms and Condition and contracts
Review, negotiate and share confidentiality agreement within the region
Collate information and provide the Sales Monthly bulletin to Management and Marketing

ACTIVITY 5 - International Sales
Locate, educate and motivate sales channels within the region

ACTIVITY 6 - Management
Manage and motivate Sales team
Participate to hiring processes for the Sales team
Support the team with Sales activities
Set up and follow-up yearly individuals performance plans
Evaluate skills and request the appropriate training to fulfill job description requirement
Monitor, review and change the Sales plan
Share and comment Sales figures with the team on a montlhy basis.

ACTIVITY 7 - Strategy
Develop comprehensive business plan in the region
Set up the pricing policy to maximise the country / region profitability

ACTIVITY 8 - Key Account Management (all the F&I sales positions can be concerned depending on the context)
Collaborate on business development and tender preparation and framework agreements prior to submission;
Organise vendor's list registration campaign and get registred in the customer data base
Identify key contacts or business and establish and trustable relationship
Forecast sales with the key accounts
Reports trends, competition, culture, global strategy
Define the pricing policy for the key account
Financial analysis on key account profitability

Ability to communicate
Highly responsible
Ability to convince customers/suppliers with a technical/commercial argumentation
Ability to manage and coordinate a team of sales engineers

Knowledge of the Food market in Russia
Ideally knowledge of the Mining market in RCA

Fluent English (+ technical terminology mandatory)
Russian native
Up to 50% business trips in Russia + CIS countries

Education and experience
Higher technical education
5-7 experience in technical sales in Volumetric Pumps (ideally in PCPs)
2-3 year experience of a sales team manageent