Artificial Lift PCM

Power and control units for pumps

A variable speed drive (VSD) allows you to optimize the production by controlling the drive speed. The VSD also protects pump equipment from over-torque, heat and well pressures.

We know how to select the best outdoor configuration thanks to our extensive experience in installing VSDs in hostile environments, such as deserts and tropical climates. PCM also offers VSDs shelters with A/C for harsh environment, such as desert areas.


  • Power and control unit for artificial lift


PCM provides robust electric or hydraulic motors for smooth operation of the PCP system. 4 or 6-pole motors are available with all levels of hazardous area (ATEX), under IEC or NEMA standards.

PCM motors are designed to handle the total torque absorbed, ambient temperature and drivehead. Specific options can be integrated for high radial torque transmission configurations.

Power Units

When a power network is not available in remote locations, local power units can be installed to feed the drive unit. Natural gas or diesel engines are used to provide electrical or hydraulic power. PCM can supply various types of fully monitored power units, depending on power requirements and climatic and environmental conditions.